Soil Information Monitor sends monitoring data using GPRS module

To comprehensively improve the management level of the automatic monitoring of grain and oil yield demonstration field soil information management and effectively promote the development of the wisdom of agriculture, recently, Baishan City, Jilin Province Fusong County Agriculture and Animal Husbandry and promote the successful introduction of a new type of buried soil information automatically monitor, science, “Bray”, precise pulse, and laid a solid foundation for the scientific management of the county’s agricultural soils. In this monitoring device, GPRS module capable instruments to monitor the soil temperature, moisture and other data sent to the specified server. With a look.

It is reported that this new information buried Diver county soil using a soil temperature, moisture testing equipment, widely used in soil information monitoring. Can be buried underground, and the temperature of the test site location information as well as soil, water testing data is sent via GPRS to a designated server module is an emerging high-tech soil testing equipment, Fusong is the province’s second company to introduce this The technology of the county.

To make this artifact power play as soon as possible, Fusong has in fairy town, new town and other five OILS Tsz high yielding demonstration buried five soil information to automatically monitor. Monitor sent 4 times daily fixed time to farming appoint automatic soil information monitoring data, farming appoint timely guidance agricultural production according to the transmission data. The county can always view the information through the user terminal, and according to the monitoring information content, providing precise planting, data management and intelligent decision-making for local agricultural production.

temp humidity sensor-Soil Information Monitor sends monitoring data using GPRS module

In addition, according to agricultural experts monitoring information, but also to achieve the agricultural growth environment IntelliSense, intelligent control intelligent warning, intelligent decision, intelligent analysis, agricultural science and technology to further improve remote network service system so that the relevant agricultural workers to stay at home to be able to distance learning of agricultural knowledge, access to scientific information, guidance agricultural production. Buried soil information to promote the introduction of automatic monitoring instrument, changing the Fusong relying solely on past experience in agricultural production and management model to improve the county’s grain and oil yield demonstration field information management level, to further promote the development of the wisdom of agriculture.