Super-low Price Cellular Router USR-G805 is Launched

When user is working outside, commonly it may generated requirement of connecting internet. But it may make user feel it is a sticky business that inconvinent wiring, hard environment, instable networking and high cost price. Considering such reasons, USR IOT is launched a smart and powerful cellular router USR-G805, hope to solove users difficulties. 


While guaranteeing the router's high performance, industrial router USR-G805 maximizes the reduction of product cost, and truly enables users to satisfied with the performance and the price. 


High-Speed Networking, support 2G,3G,4G technologies. Designed for industrial use,  -20-70 working temperature, Suitable for unattended environment , built-in EMC protection circuit likes ESD protection, surge protection and power anti-reverse connection. Support operator’s APN modification, VPN access, built-in firewall which ensure the network safety.


Samll size

ABS material design, light and small, and portable.

cellular router usr-g805.jpg