TCP Client of Serial to Ethernet Converter USR-TCP232-306

USR-TCP232-306 socket support TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP Server, UDP Client and HTTPD Client, this article introduces the TCP client of serial to ethernet converter usr-tcp232-306.


TCP Client provides Client connections for TCP network services. TCP Client device will connect to server to realize data transmission between the serial port and server. According to the TCP protocol, TCP Client has connection/disconnection status differences to ensure reliable data transmission. TCP Client mode support Keep-Alive function: After connection is established, module will send Keep-Alive packets about every 15 seconds to check the connection and will disconnect then reconnect to TCP server if abnormal connection is been checked by Keep-Alive packets. TCP Client mode also support non-persistent function. TCP232-306 work in TCP Client mode need connect to TCP Server and need set the parameters: Remote Server Addr and Remote Port Number. TCP232-306 work in TCP Client won’t accept other connection request except target server and will access server with random local port if user set local port to zero. User can set TCP232-306 in TCP Client mode and related parameters by setup software or web server as follows:

setup software or web server USR-TCP232-306

tcp client