Ten Internet of Things future trends, you keep it?

The total flow of the Internet of Things has created

The total flow of the Internet of Things has created

Note: The vertical axis is ZB, 1ZB = 1 Wanyi GB

  Currently we are in a era of Internet of Things, but Internet of Things are changing our basic necessities. With the popularity of Internet of Things, the future development trend of Internet of Things have emerged. Recently, London hosted the summit the new things, but from the content of the conference, we can see Internet of Things ten future trends.

1. The security issue is the key. As more and more devices are connected to networking among the security issues of these devices is particularly important. Especially for the use of networking technology companies, secure internal information and data is the core issue of the nature of the business to be considered.

2. The sales volume is not an end. Although Internet of Things device manufacturers launched every year a large number of networking products to expand the market, but for them, sales of networking equipment is not the ultimate goal. Their aim is to build a larger Internet of Things ecosystem platform, to obtain greater profits.

3. Each item have become service. Most of the current attitude is held by an enterprise of Internet of Things, as far as possible each hardware (cars, furniture, electronic equipment) are regarded as a service.

4. Careers. At the Congress, a lot of Internet of Things companies have expressed the hope that the company can attract more excellent program developers to improve the internet.

5. Things are scattered and proprietary. Things are scattered field, which will give such Kii, Xively ,, SeeControl and ThingWorx such small things the company an opportunity to enable them to specialize in segments.

6. The multi-field go hand in hand. One area many small networking company focused on the Internet of Things – such as smart home or smart car. But some international giants (such as Intel, Samsung, General Electric, Honeywell, Bosch) have sufficient resources and manpower, so their strategy is to go hand in hand in many fields.

7. The government more inclined to invest in the field of intelligent transportation and smart cities. Intelligent transportation and smart cities are very complex things in the field, but the development and construction of these two areas will make ordinary people get more benefits, the Government’s main focus is these two areas.

8. The acquisition and integration become a trend. Nokia acquired Withings; Arynga Intel acquired company. Even small things such AppDirect companies have acquired AppCarousel, shows that mergers and acquisitions among enterprises of Internet of Things will continue.

9. things companies need more platform to showcase their products and services. Currently, most of the Internet of Things the company through app stores, and the Internet to showcase products, but obviously they need more platform to promote their products.

10. Big data is still the key to winning. Combination of networking and big data will generate huge profits, and how to identify and analyze big data is that most networking companies need to solve the problem.

From smart furniture to intelligent transportation even to intelligent cities, Internet of Things are changing all around us.

Imagine life in the future: the use of intelligent virtual mirror you can try on clothes, just a few seconds to find you satisfied with; and plant equipment intelligent machines can automatically detect and alert workers equipment in need of repair or replacement parts; gps GUIDANCE agricultural equipment can be done automatically seeded crops, fertilizing and harvesting work; private health tracker can periodically put your health data to the doctor.