The Application Field of 8 Ports Serial to Ethernet Converter

The effect principle of the eight-port serial to Ethernet converter is the same as that of the single port serial to Ethernet converter , which transforms the traditional RS232/485/422 serial port data into TCP/IP network data and can greatly expand the transmission interval of the serial device.


In the difference with the traditional single port serial to Ethernet converter , taking the eight serial port literally, it has eight serial ports, which means that it can connect more serial devices, and is accustomed to more scenarios. In addition to connecting more devices, the eight port serial to Ethernet converter will be more and more satisfactory in the selection and matching of the serial port.


The application scale of the eight port serial to Ethernet converter is not only applicable to the traditional single serial port scenario, but also opens up its own exclusive use based on its own functional structure features, for example, in the device method, there are desktop, wall-mounted, rail, and rack type, different device methods will lead to the special application scenario.


Taking eight ports serial to Ethernet converter USR-N668 of USR IoT technology as an example, it uses three serial port compatible and rack-mount device methods. The rack type is different from the desktop type. Its primary application scenario is the computer room. It is believed that we have seen the computer room. There will be a fixed size space on the rack to place the equipment. The eight port serial to Ethernet converter uses the rack device in order to get used to the limited space and reasonable wiring of the computer room, so that the machine room with the inch of gold can maximize the economic benefits.

8 port serial to Ethernet converter USR-N668


In addition to the rack-mounted 8-port serial to Ethernet converter, other device methods are widely used in industrial automation, intelligent transportation, oil fields and agriculture. The advantages of the 8 ports serial to ethernet converter allow it to connect more devices.