The Application of GPRS Modem

GPRS MODEM is mainly used in the following industries: PLC through modem to achieve wireless communication application, modem and remote configuration software to achieve wireless transmission.


Power industry: 1. Power remote meter reading, 2. Substation monitoring, 3. Power line monitoring, 4. Switch monitoring system on distribution network column


Water conservancy industry: 1. Water quality monitoring, 2. Reservoir sluice gate remote control system scheme, 3.Water conservancy GPRS dispatching system application scheme 4. Water pipe network monitoring system 5. Reservoir automatic monitoring system


Oil industry: 1. Remote monitoring of oil and gas Wells; 2.GPRS remote monitoring and monitoring system for oil fields; 3.Gas pipe network monitoring system


Municipal industry: 1. Street lamp remote monitoring and management; 2. Pipe network remote monitoring; 3. Urban energy monitoring


Environmental protection industry: 1. Pollution source monitoring 2. Atmospheric environment monitoring 3. Noise monitoring 4. Dust monitoring


Agricultural application: 1. Remote monitoring and management of greenhouses 2. Monitoring and management of aquaculture 3. Monitoring and management of agricultural water pump


Other application: 1. Warehouse monitoring management. 2. Elevator remote monitoring 3. Remote crane management system 4. Industrial energy monitoring application 5. Gas station GPRS data acquisition system 6.GPRS meteorological information acquisition system.