The Difference Between Router and Modem

Many people know to surf the internet needs router, but don’t know the function of the router, or the difference between router and modem. In the early years, we use the modem surf the internet without the router. So, what is the difference between router and modem? This article will introduce the difference as follows:

The difference between Router and Modem


The modem is an electronic device that allows one computer to send information to another through standard phone lines and therefore over long distances.

The router is a device that connects a local network to the internet. A router can make several computer connect to the internet at the same time.

To be simple, if you want a computer to connect the telephone wire and surf the internet, you need a modem. While you want several computers and mobile devices connect to the internet simultaneously, you need a router.

Now, USRIOT’s USR-G781 is a 4G/3G Router and Serial Data Transmit Unit. 2 RJ45 port, one can be WAN or LAN port and another one can be LAN port, support VPN(PPTP) client and support static routing.