The Difference between the Modem and Router

1.Different Functions

The modem is a necessary device which can be used in connecting to the computer, first user needs a modem then they can use the modem to realize the dial-up networking to the computer. While the router is a device which can help several computer share one network. With the help of router, Several computers can connect to the Internet on the same cable. However, the router is not necessary for the computer to surf the Internet. Without a router, the computer can still connect to the Internet through modems.


2.Different Connections

Because of the functions, the connections of router and modem is different. One port of a modem is connected to the network wire, while the other port of modem is connected to a computer or router. While one port of the router connects to the modem and the other port of router connects to the computer. You can’t connect a phone line directly to your computer with a router.


3.Different Shapes

The shape of the modem is like a flat rectangular box, which is very small, while the router has various shapes, including rectangular shape and oval shape, which are larger than the modem. Moreover, some wireless router also has a number of different antenna settings.


4.Different Ports

The shape and number of router and modem both are different, usually, the modem has 2 ports, one connects to the phone wire, the other can connect to the internet wire. While the router has more ports, in general, there are five ports of one router, one port connect to the modem and the rest of ports can connect to one or more computers at will.


5.Different Definitions:

A modem communicates with your Internet service provider’s network, while a router is basically used to share connections between multiple devices.