The Networking and Security of Industrial Equipment, Which is More Important?

The industrial Internet includes two parts of “industry” and “networking”. Some people think that the overall industrial level in the country is low, and industrial upgrading is more urgent. Some people think that information security is more important. Which is more important?



It can be said that the industry defines a scenario in which Internet technology is applied. What is implied behind the technology is interconnection. The collection and in-depth analysis of data is intelligence and autonomy. In terms of the Industrial Internet of Things, the United States proposes the Industrial Internet, Europe proposes Industry 4.0, and China proposes China Manufacturing 2025, all of which state the level of industrial upgrading that should be achieved higher. Reflecting on the actual production situation in China, many factories are still in the stage of industrial 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0, and few real 4.0 enterprises can be seen.



The problem in 1.0 is how to collect data. The problems are that either the device is old and there is no interface to provide the state of the device; Either there's a data interface, but the manufacturer doesn't buy the service. If the user wants the machine manufacturer to provide the data, they have to pay extra; Or the equipment on the production line comes from different manufacturers and there is no connectivity between them; Or machines equipment and MES systems (manufacturing process execution systems), and the company's entire management systems come from different manufacturers, and they do not have connectivity. In short, different manufactures face different problems.


In addition, without safety, the solution is like the building on the beach, not solid.



Twenty years ago, industry and the Internet of Things had nothing to do with each other, industrial system equipment manufacturers were very focused on the industry itself, and the Internet companies did not care about the industries. There was a clear line between the two. Nowadays, the line between the two is becoming increasingly blurred. China's Internet giants are all looking at the industrial Internet and setting up their own industrial nodes. Traditional industrial equipment manufacturers are all seeing how to apply Internet technology to industrial systems.



In another decade, the trend will become even more obvious.