The Price of RS232 Serial Device Server USR-TCP232-302

USR-TCP232-302 is a RS232 serial device server, which can realize bidirectional transparent transmission between RS232 and Ethernet. USR-TCP232-302 belongs to USRIOT's low cost M0 serial to ethernet converter. USR-TCP232-302 is internally integrated with TCP/IP protocol.User can apply it to device networking communication. 

Application of RS232 serial device server
Unattended weighing system
Connect 302 to barrier gate and it can realize remote control of barrier gate by Ethernet in control center.
Access control system
Rs232 serial device server can provide stable network-based management and save human cost.
Traffic lights management system
Connect USR--TCP232-302 to traffic lights and it can realize traffic data acquisition and processing by Ethernet in control center.
It can also provide accurate quantitative basis for traffic dispatch management and urban transport planning
Can implement the optimum control for transportation phenomena such as traffic jam, traffic accident, traffic capacity from a regional or global perspective.
The price of RS232 serial device server USR-TCP232-302 is $24.00. You can buy it from USRIOT's official online shop:
RS232 serial device server