The Transformation of Industrial Routers in the Future IoT

Industrial Ethernet and industrial cellular routers are one of the components of the entire industrial network infrastructure. Major customers of electric utilities, oil and gas, water/wastewater, transportation, and industrial machinery use routers to achieve network security and remotely access devices in hazardous or hard-to-reach environments where deploying trouble-shooters can be costly or dangerous.


Industrial network infrastructure is also one of the focal points of the emerging industrial Internet strategy, providing core functions such as edge-to-cloud integration and edge computing. Industrial wireless routers will benefit from increasing emphasis on remote access and monitoring and migration to industrial Internet strategies.


New development, such as the emergence of 5G wireless standards and the adoption of SDWAN technology, is driving profound changes in router functionality and applications. Suppliers also need to select the right protocols and ecosystems for cloud integration and edge calculation.


The analysis quantifies the potential impact of each and other pending developments in key areas, such as 5G adoption, the number and type of cloud integration, and the estimated use of edge calculations.