The UDC Mode of Industrial Modem USR-G785-E

The UDC Mode of Industrial Modem USR-G785-E

Mode Description

UDC mode, Setting up software schematic diagram

UDC mode

In this mode, the user's terminal device can send the request data to the specified HTTP server through this module, then the module receives the data from the HTTP server, parses the data and sends the results to the serial port device.

Users do not need to pay attention to the data conversion process between serial port data and network packets, only through simple parameter settings, can realize the serial port device to HTTP server data request.

AT commands

Command name Command function Default parameter
AT+WKMOD Query / setup work mode "NET"
AT+UDCID Query/setup protocol transparent device ID 12345678901
AT+SOCKA Query / setup socket A parameter "TCPC","",2317
AT+SOCKB Query / setup socket B parameter "TCPC","",2317
AT+SOCKAEN Query / setup whether to enable socket A "on"
AT+SOCKBEN Query / setup whether to enable socket B "off"
AT+SOCKALK Query socket A connection state "off"
AT+SOCKBLK Query socket B connection state "off"


Setting up software schematic diagram:

setting up software schematic diagram

UDC mode