Tips pick serial device servers

As we all know, the choice of a high-quality long-term stability of serial servers can communicate, so that we can significantly reduce construction and maintenance costs. So, how to buy a high cost serial device server?

1. Try to buy 32 of the CPU 10 / 100M products because eight or only support 10M microcontroller product easily in a large network, or the network is congested loss! Select 32 of ARM, pay attention to ask the seller is an industrial class or civilian level CPU. Selection is certainly more stable than industrial grade commercial grade reliable. Generally, the US industrial-grade chips are currently on the market top. Shenzhen High-Technology Co., Ltd. produced by the United States ATMEL company NP801 32-bit ARM.

2. Note that equipment manufacturers to provide “Setting Software” common serial parameters must be set to be (for example: data bits, stop bits, parity, baud rate, flow control, etc. These parameters) in many cases, not otherwise You can use many software manufacturers can even set the baud rate, thus resulting in normal communication.

We’ll use a very effective way to test to determine the serial device server communication problems: in 9600, when at least one time to send a few hundred K or more stable data communication, do not lose a byte serial server only trustworthy!

3. Many users think that hardware is similar, it is not. While the chips are imported, but the chip as electronic products, raw materials, supply is very important. Imported chips imported into, bulk new and refurbished etc. Many black heart manufacturers, in order to reduce the cost of new or refurbished casual choice of IC, so maybe not fail within a short time, but for a long time is certainly unstable!

4. Select the professional manufacturers to buy now serial server brand very much, the price is uneven levels, technical service is an important part of the sales of electronic products. Professional level of manufacturers can not only help customers solve complex network problems can also help customers solve the problem of the construction site, etc.! Shenzhen High-Technology Co., ahead of the industry, has accumulated decades of experience in the industry!

5. Currently on the market there are many manufacturers are using the RS485 / 422 to DB9 adapter plate products, the adapter plate is easy to poor contact, try to choose products directly with terminals;

6. Purchase RS232 / 485/422 triple product is compatible with all types of serial ports, more convenient to use and this is a symbol of manufacturers design capability NP801 is compatible with all common serial ports

7. professional manufacturers often have many years of experience in product, product design more comprehensive consideration, such as the product will take PE (anti-electromagnetic interference Use) design, wide voltage design (instability has a protective effect in voltage), mine design and so on.


On industrial grade and commercial grade difference:

As we all know, electronic products according to operating temperature and reliability generally divided into commercial grade (commercial grade), industrial-grade, military grade. Commercial grade temperature range is 0°~ 70°, industrial grade is -40° ~ 85°. Compared to commercial grade industrial products, applied to the working environment even worse, the need for greater reliability, so the need for testing the manufacturing process more complicated, of course, the higher the cost. If it is ordinary commercial grade single-chip, the use of IC in super-size range,

There may not be part of the IC work, or the work is not functioning properly occurred. The selection of industrial products, be sure to pay attention to the temperature of the product range IC, with particular attention to performance parameters of their CPU.

About the difference between 8-bit microcontrollers and 32-bit ARM:

Serial server CPU as the most important component, is generally used 8 or 32-bit microcontrollers ARM, now many manufacturers claim their products are 32-bit CPU ARM.

At the time of purchase should be noted:

SCM 1.8 only supports 10M communications, and 32 of ARM can support 10M / 100M Communication (adaptive); 8 or only support 10M microcontroller products easily in the big network or packet loss when the network is congested.

2. From the looks of it, the microcontroller pins are generally relatively small, relatively thin spacing; and ARM pin more, relatively close spacing (about 100 pins or so).

3. ARM divided into industrial grade and commercial grade. The market most serial servers are chosen level of civil ARM, such as Samsung ARM and the like. These ARM because of low prices, most of which are used in civilian consumer electronics products, its stability and reliability is far less than industrial grade ARM.