Using Cellular Modem to Collect vehicle Driving Information and Customize Vehicle Insurance

Reward safe driving and restructure insurance premiums

As the competition in auto insurance industry, drivers are no longer satisfied with the traditionally charge way of insurance companies. The Internet of things (IoT) provides a new use-based model in which risk assessment is based on data collected from real driving behaviour. Now Insurers can reward customers who drive safely and offer more accurate premiums based on data they collect from telematics devices in their cars.


Customize your automobile insurance service

Insurance companies can collect real-time data from drivers, the solution based on the IOT which used by automobile insurance through cellular modem.

Premiums are more accurately assessed based on driving behavior data collected by cellular modems on the vehicle rather than demographic information.

Offer more personalized insurance plans that reward people who drive safer and drive less.

know customers better, create better products, and carry out more targeted marketing activities.


Enhance service quality

By using telematics to collect drivers' data, car insurers can enhance their service quality in the following ways:

Better customer relationships through more frequent interaction and personalized service.

Collect more and detailed data to effectively obtain claims and reduce fraud.

Encouraging safer driving behaviour, helps reduce claims.


Win the competition

With so many options for car insurance, more and more drivers hope to charge the price of car insurance based on how they actually drive. Your company can use remote solutions to provide more accurate premiums and personalized services for all drivers.