USR IOT is Invited to Participate in TI Technical Seminar

TI hosted four technical seminars in Jinan,Qingdao,Beijing and Xi’an. And as USR IOT is a major client of TI. USR IOT is invited to participate in the seminar and makes speech in the seminar.

TI Jinan Seminar

TI Qingdao Seminar

TI Beijing Seminar

TI Xi’an Seminar

M4 Series Serial Server USR-TCP232-410 is based on TI Solution

C32 Series WIFI Module USR-C322 is based on TI CC3200 Solution

USR-K3 is a small embedded serial networking module, which can realize bidirectional transparent transmission between TTL and Ethernet. USR-TCP232-410 is based on a new generation of Cortex-M4 kernel, whose basic frequency is up to 120 MHz. A new solution and high frequency will bring abundant resources and performance improvement, C32 Series USR-C322 WIFI module is a combination of low power and high performance.

Display USR Products in TI Seminar