USRIOT's 4G Devices Provide Communication Foundation for Intelligent Manufacturing Products

USRIOT's 4G devices allow you to focus on more intelligent products for a better customer experience instead of focusing on the infrastructure needed to implement this experience.

Use USRIOT's communication device to collect data and create intelligent products through the cooperation of USRIOT cloud platform and front-end equipment.



Customer experience is enhanced

Customers want their products to be "more intelligent", so they can use the products/machines as services, customize their products according to their needs and usage, and communicate with other intelligent products, which requires stable and secure communication device. In general, civil equipment is dominated by 4G communication device. Although 5G has emerged, it still takes time for 5G to be popularized. 4G devices include 4G industrial router, 4G industrial modem and 4G modules supporting secondary development, etc., which will help you take the lead in intelligent device entrepreneurship.

The quality is improved

Use product/machine data in the field to better understand how customers use your products, innovate, and improve product quality to remain competitive.

New source of revenue

Transform from a one-time sales model to a new regular fee-based service model, a new maintenance and operations (MRO) model, and a new way to make a benefit by enhancing after-sales service.