USRIOT's NB-IOT Module & NB-IoT Modem

NB-IOT Module & NB-IoT Modem of USRIOT

NB-IoT(Narrowband-Internet of Thing) is a standards-based on low power wide area (LPWA) technology that works virtually anywhere.


NB-IoT Module

Features of WH-NB73

UART interface module

Work mode:CoAP mode or UDP Mode  with AT command

Ultra - low power consumption

Work Frequency: 824Mhz~849Mhz, 869Mhz~894Mhz


Features of NB-IoT Modem

Features of USR-NB700

serial RS232 RS485 to NB-IoT

Transparent transmission based on UDP mode

Supports CoAP and UDC mode

Low Power mode: it is the key to ensure the use of battery-powered