USRIOT's WiFi Module & RS232/RS485 to WIFI/Ethernet Converter

WiFi Module & RS232/RS485 to WIFI/Ethernet Converter

The popularity of Wi-Fi is a testament primarily to their convenience, cost efficiency and ease of integration with network. It helps you collect data in time, facilitate remote monitoring, and reduce service cost.


WiFi standard:802.11b/g/n MHz, 2MB Flash, stable in quantity of data transmission

Built-in Webpage: configure parameters via web page.

HTTPD Client: send serial data in HTTP format to HTTP server

Working Mode: Station / AP / AP+station

wifi module, wifi converter

Features of USR-W600

RS232/RS485 port, can not be used simultaneously.

Low-cost version

Power supply:5-36V

Flow control:CTS/RTS

Work Mode: TCP client/server, UDP client/server

HTTPD client/ HTTPS Client(SSL)


Features of USR-W610

Ports:RS232, RS485, Ethernet

Supports WiFi to Ethernet

Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP, Modbus polling


Watchdog circuit