Watch the new energy vehicle networking pain points, car rental

In recent years, with the continuous development of new energy vehicles, new energy electric vehicles timeshare rental industry has become a hot topic in the automotive industry. New energy electric vehicles with its unique advantages in energy saving and environmental protection, from entering the automotive market, by the strong support of national policy, in 2015 China car sales market bursting with new energy, new energy by the Federation data showed car sales reached 177 000, one stroke ahead of Europe and the United States to become the world’s largest new energy vehicle market.

New energy vehicles bursting development, value of its own problems continue to cause controversy. National new energy electric vehicles is an important factor heavily subsidized its sales rising all the way, there are people in the industry have raised this question, if there is no high government subsidies, the real market value of the new energy electric vehicles but also how much. Great Wall Motor Chairman Mr. Wei Jianjun Zeng noted that the new energy and environmental protection are not fundamentally, he said that the Great Wall to make electric cars in response to fuel national limits, “We mainly rely on coal power generation, energy conversion processes, in fact, the electric car no energy saving, electric buses 10 times more pollution than natural gas buses “the same Japanese automotive technology engineer, father of Mazda Chong Chi blue sky technology people see Mitsuo also raised the same point of view:.” If calculated according to the current power generation, (from CO2 emission angle) electric car almost does not make sense. ” About rumors of new energy electric cars if we do not recommended, since it can come into our lives, and accepted by the public, it will have a meaning of its existence and value. Any new thing, in its development process of growing up, is bound to be some questions and doubts. Only problem was presented, we have the possibility to be resolved, which is able to develop new things and finally the only way to mature.

Watch the new energy vehicle networking pain points, car rental

With the development of new energy vehicles, new energy timeshare rental industry sprung up everywhere, though, and new energy vehicles, the new energy Timeshare Rentals development, there have been a lot of controversy, but with respect to the traditional car industry, it has easy and fast flexibility, save time, etc. in the same profession is beyond doubt. Despite the theoretical question alone these advantages, the development of its space industry’s future is huge.

However, the new energy electric vehicles Timeshare Rentals in its development process, there have been bottlenecks and problems insurmountable, if these problems are not an effective solution, and its future development will be very difficult. The most important issue facing the new energy leasing division is risk control and asset monitoring. Unlike traditional timeshare rental car was rented car has a full-time driver in 24-hour supervision car. Thus the vehicle is stolen or rent not yet occurred, the companies will bring great losses. In addition, the car was rented at any time and are random, location and location driving track can not be determined, the vehicle is rub, collision, damage situation also occurred, which will bring a lot of damage to the enterprise development, which must be implemented on the vehicle real-time monitoring. Secondly vehicle repair, maintenance, cleaning, towed, charging, management and other issues of staff increased the cost of doing business. Finally, as a new starting industries, convenient if you can not meet customer car, the quick demand in these areas will result in huge loss of customers, seriously affect corporate profits. Timeshare Rentals New Energy want to break through these bottlenecks, access to development, can only choose vehicle networking, where this is a multiple choice, networked car is mandatory only answer, there is no second choice. A hardware and software capable of both companies while providing support, it is possible for the pain points of enterprise development, two-pronged approach, the maximum extent to solve business problems, is the car networking companies have chosen the ultimate answer.

First, from the hardware side, although the domestic car networking technology later than western countries, but its rapid development, its hardware capabilities to a large extent have been able to solve many problems that exist in the industry. Currently on the market car networking hardware products plethora drive recorder, PTZ, physical examination and other automobile so that enterprises dazzled. But the same can be like Wiselink specifically propose solutions for the new energy industry Timeshare Rentals and hardware products and system solutions for the perfect combination of industry platform and hit the car business networking pain points using service providers in the country are rare. Clairvoyance series is hardware support wiselink car networking company to provide enterprises, enterprises with it is like to own equipment on the eyes and ears. Clairvoyance series includes built-collection terminal, external collection terminal, remote control terminal and the mobile GPS and a unique identifier and other hardware products. By remote control terminal enables remote control of the vehicle, such as unlocking doors, lift windows, turn on headlights, rear, opened the trunk, etc., as well as enabling remote power, these features to solve the problem of risk monitoring Timeshare Rentals . Asset monitoring, remote accident alarm, drag the alarm, abnormal vibration alarm, vehicle fault alarm, remove alarm, collision warning, displacement alarm, emergency stop alarm alarm monitor and track position, driving behavior analysis, the vehicle can be achieved real-time monitoring, in order to ensure all-weather vehicle assets.

In addition, new products for new energy electric vehicles coming on-line with a unique high-definition recorder driving record with 1080P ultra high definition camera, 10 meters away can see the front of the car license plate number, all-weather driving record for touch porcelain, accident record evidence. And we have a super tire pressure monitor tire air loss alarm function to prevent the occurrence of tire traffic on the way to protect the lives and safety. At the same time, Wiselink car networking company’s proposed new energy electric vehicles timeshare leasing solutions brings precise blow to solve their business pain points. Wiselink car networking company for SMEs proposed Lite MIX solution, while for the industry needs of different industries, the mainstream auto market after around 18 large auto industry has also filed a Mixpro exclusive edition solutions 88 free combination of modules to address different industry business pain points. Of which Mixpro-Sharent is Wiselink car industry networking solutions for the new energy program Timeshare Rentals specially raised.

Unlike hardware equipment, Timeshare Rentals Timeshare Rentals Industry Solutions provides management platform, through the “remote control”, “monitoring” is, “Path Monitoring”, “fence warning”, “Member Management”, “traffic management”, ” vehicle management “,” management report “management module free combination to achieve backstage management and monitoring. Through software and hardware perfect match to realize the vehicle, electric pile, the effective management of personnel, improve efficiency and reduce costs. Wislink addition to providing enterprise software platform, the owners also through mobile terminal APP, seeking to achieve a key car, a key transfer and many other features, which greatly improves the user experience.

New energy electric car sharing rental industry in the automotive market, although part from the new star, along the way, about its development caused a variety of voices come and go, but in the “networked car” era background, car networking technology must timeshare Rentals able to promote new energy industry to go further and more smoothly.