What is LoRa and LoRaWAN?

What is Lora? Technically, Lora is a long-range wireless communication protocol, Lora achieves long-range connectivity 10km. Lora is the first low-cost commercial case of technology with long transmission distance and strong anti-interference.
LoRaWAN is Lora Wide Area Network for short, it is a communication protocol based Lora technology. LoRaWAN is specifically optimized for LPWAN networks with longer battery life, longer distances, and lower costs.
A single gateway or base station can cover an entire city or a few hundred square kilometers, the range is depending on the environment and interference in the location.
The scenario of LPWAN
By providing batteries that work for years, LPWAN is better suited for devices that send low-frequency, low-volume, long-distance data.
The important factor of LPWAN
The network architecture
Communication range
Battery life or low power consumption
Network capability
Network security
One-way and two-way Communication
Diversity of applications