What is the Transparent Transmission?

What is the transparent transmission? Transparent transmission refers to the data transmission mode that does not change the data in the process of data transmission through the wireless transmission, as if the transmission process is transparent, to ensure the quality of transmission. The transparent transmission has no associated with the media, modulation and demodulation mode, transmission mode and transmission protocol of the transmission network. 


In the era of IoT, the wireless transparent transmission modules can realize the transparent transmission of smart devices. From the technology level, Bluetooth, WiFi, ZigBee and other wireless transmission technologies have become the main wireless transmission mode of IoT.


Transparent transmission transmits the data from the source address to the destination address without any change in communication. Transparent transmission usually used in reading the remote serial data. Transparent transmission is equivalent to a serial line. Which can be widely used in energy and power, automatic meter reading, smart city, industrial automation, vehicle-mounted traffic, environmental monitoring, equipment monitoring, modern agriculture, and many other industries.


USRIOT's serial to Ethernet converters and industrial modems can realize bidirectional transparent transmission between RS232/RS485/RS422 and Ethernet.


The advantages of transparent transmission for the serial to Ethernet converters and industrial modems are as follows:

1. Real and effective. Transmit the data to the destination address without any process. Keep the data real and effective.

2.Simple and easy. Transparent transmission is not controlled by any protocol and can transmit the origin data.

tranparent transmission between serial and network: industrial modem