WiFi Device Under HTTP Client Mode Manual


This manual introduces the HTTP Client mode of high-performance WiFi product ( WiFi modules: A2, B2, D2 and serial to WIFI converters USR-W630, USR-W610, USR-W600, etc).


HTTP Client mode: After enabling this function, user can send data or get data from HTTP server. When using this function, user just needs to set related configuration by AT command or Web Server and module will package serial data into HTTP protocol data packet then transmit them to HTTP server.


In this manual, we take USR-WIFI232-602 V2 as example to test.


Step 1: Enter Web Server. 602 V2 is in default settings(AP mode and IP address is, so we can connect PC to 602 V2 by WiFi connection then enter Web Server through with username/password both are admin. (If user wants to configure module by AT command, user should connect PC to 602 by serial cable and refer to http://www.usriot.com/enter-serial-command-mode/ to enter AT command mode and send AT commands)


Step 2: Change module to STA mode and HTTP Client mode.


By AT command: AT+WMODE=STA, AT+ TMODE=Httpdclient

Step 3: Configure STA interface setting.


By AT command: AT+WSSSID=AP’s SSID, AT+WSKEY=WPA2PSK,AES,AP’s password


Step 4: Configure HTTP Client mode parameters. (We take our server test.usr.cn as example)


By AT command: AT+ HTPMODE=new, AT+ HTPSV=test.usr.cn,80, AT+ HTPTP=GET, AT+ HTPURL=/2.php?, AT+ HTPHEAD=Content-type:text/html:charset=utf-8


Step 5: Reset the module.


By AT command: AT+Z