WiFi module intelligent home is not easy to say love you!

January 15 this year, the price of 22 yuan Lei Jun launched a generic device used in home appliances flagship intelligent modules in the new conference. Early February, the US “big GE” Electric Company Release allows users to connect the old refrigerator at home Wink smart home system to WiFi wireless module. March 11 to 14, on AWE2015, WiFi module become smart home experience area many companies the main showpiece; on March 19, “250 + 110” announced to developers and home appliances vendors offer price of only $1, Limited 10000’s “wisdom even module.”

Recently, a company has issued a “smart home appliances and health,” the DNA kit open platform, known as “the development board provides a WiFi module and a variety of components, developers can make the product fast intelligent together by DNA Kit open platform” WiFi module which is 9.9 yuan.

Obviously, no matter in what way or what price the introduction of WiFi module, are for smart home fires in recent years, but other companies will choose to direct research and development of products, which the company adopted a “Quxianjiuguo” circuitous do the smart home means – the traditional home WiFi module implanted devices (mostly appliances) Upgrade manipulation of smart appliances.

In fact, do the smart home circuitous means there are many, such as access to real estate, decoration industry outflank, acquire other slowly digested smart home platform, do extended peripherals and other smart phones, intelligent home WiFi module choose to do what good is it? Prior to this, We might as well start with the understanding or WiFi module.

WiFi module belonging Things transport layer function is to TTL level serial port or WiFi wireless network into line with standard embedded modules, built-in wireless networking protocol IEEE802.11b.gn protocol stack and TCP / IP protocol stack.” TV, air conditioning and other traditional hardware devices embedded WiFi module can be directly connected to the Internet use of WiFi, “to achieve control and docking and Internet giant cloud of APP, allowing appliance manufacturers to quickly and easily implement their own product network, of intelligence and and more many other appliances to achieve interoperability. ”

In simple terms, providing WiFi module for the traditional vendors to make the traditional intelligent home appliances, to help achieve the transformation and upgrading of traditional vendors to further enhance their value-added products. However, for a perspective, there exist two people may feel puzzled place: First, to provide for the traditional vendors WiFi module to help transition traditional vendors, why do intelligent home provider or WiFi module, the second is WiFi module Prices are usually cheaper, even wireless earn, then offering WiFi module manufacturers profit point where.

Next, we may wish to look at providing stakeholders with WiFi module provider behind the traditional vendors, and a module in the implantable device each of the parties making money.

On the surface, WiFi module provider and the traditional vendors is a partnership, the two sides what they want, play to our strengths. Under the new wave of information technology background of things, WiFi module, there are mostly some Internet providers or smart backgrounds, advantage is related to information technology, the traditional vendors advantage is already forming traditional equipment, such as home appliances, door locks, curtain motors smart devices – and lighting, adding the two sides will form a new species. In this process, it is making money like this: WiFi module to the traditional vendors, money WiFi module provider; equipment become smart devices, appreciation, traditional vendors money.

But “on the surface” view it is static, and no problem with the development perspective, I really like than we have seen to be more complex and profound.

In fact, the ultimate smart device sold by the traditional vendors, but still a awl doing business, provide the module until the contrary is the winner of two factory business interests. The first layer, get certain benefits from traditional vendors there; the second layer, when implanted device module after they sell, you get greater benefits by remote capabilities of smart devices.

From the entire actual process, the traditional manufacturers of equipment like “parasitic body” WiFi module, timing ripe breeding, can make to achieve the dual WiFi module provider “take over”: take over the hardware and takeover of user data. Of course, there are two traditional vendors also dangerous outcome: being invisible kidnapped, kept in the dark to continue to WiFi module provider “sellers”; was brutally abandoned, even legacy devices together regiment handed it over.

It is not difficult to see on the WiFi module provided or received cooperation, seemingly get major benefit of the traditional vendors, but in reality it is a party to take greater risks, even if the risk is not considered smart device implanted in WiFi module can give the user bring great insecurity, we can not absolutely guarantee the WiFi module provider will not end up on their own “harvest” profit, at the expense of traditional vendors ruthless.

In short, smart home WiFi module allows traditional vendors to achieve some degree of rapid change, and obtain certain benefits. However, as beautiful as poppies, seemingly very good smart home WiFi module possible fatal hidden Murder, “which ended the power of the disease, although anxious,” but “as a sword to kill,” “should beware of the deep!”