Wifi Module Networking Modes

Wifi module has two networking modes: STA and AP. STA and AP can provide flexible networking modes and network topology methods.

AP: wireless access point is the center of a wireless network node. Generally, wireless router is an AP, other wireless terminal can be interconnected through AP.

STA: wireless site is a wireless network terminal such as PC and PDA.

WIFI module works as STA
WIFI module as STA is one of the most common network mode, and it is composed of a router AP and many STA. In the following figure, AP is in a central position, and communication between STAs is forwarded by AP.
Serial Wifi Module ap mode-WIFI module works as STA

WIFI module works as AP
When WIFI modules works as AP, phone/PAD/PC can fast access to wifi module for data transmission without any configuration. In addition, you can log in internal webpage of wifi module to set parameters.
Serial Wifi Module STA MODE-WIFI module works as AP