WiFi Technology from LAN to IOT

WIFI technology has always been positioned in networking applications of enterprise LAN ,due to restrictions of roaming, switching, security, interference and transmission rate.And it seems that the main goal of wifi application is to replace enterprise cable network.

However, as emerging technologies like IOT, wifi city and digital family triggers a new round of science and technology revolution,wifi technology is stepping out of enterprise Intranet.

Does IOT industry promote WIFI, or WIFI promotes IOT industry?

At present, IOT has gained great attention from governments at all levels and department of trades.It is predicted that IOT will surpass Internet in the future.And it is believed that The development of IOT technology will become the latest trend in the development of information technology network.

However, to achieve truly ubiquitous IOT, in addition to relying on the underlying sensor technology, IP address resources, intelligent embedded technology and automatic identification technology, what is more important is to realize uniform and stable data transmission in data transfer layer.And WIFI is an important form of the broadband wireless access networks, which can realize high speed wireless connection in local area. Meanwhile transfer rate is marching to the higher 600 MBPS from the current 54 MBPS.

WIFI gains more and more attention because of its characteristics of simple structure and convenient construction.With the expanding WIFI application field, increasingly rich product types and accelerating WIFI device applications, It is believed that WIFI will become the cornerstone of IOT industry, and learning WIFI will be the best access point of IOT industry.

USR IOT releases a major wifi module USR-C322 in 2015

major wifi module

C322 wifi module realizes bidirectional communication between serial TTL and WIFI.The wifi module can realize transmission,acquisition and control of wireless data through smartphone or remote server.

C322 is a wifi module with high integration level,ultra-low power and sophisticated solution

C322 wifi module supports five power modes,which has Min.3.5mA standby power and has Min.25uA deep sleep power.Its power control can be the highest level.