Wireless networking technology which uses frequency

Wireless communication technology needs with a certain frequency band to communicate, just as cars need the same road. In the application of things, different frequencies Region wireless technology is different. In order to meet the development of things, national or regional networking applications provided certain frequency band, as follows:

North America: 902-928 MHz
EU: 863-868MHz
Korea: 917.5-923 MHz
Japan: 916.5-927.5MHz
UK: 915-921MHz

China’s Internet of Things market applicable bands will be those who do? Especially with the rise of new domestic low-power wide area network (LPWAN) there are those bands suitable?

Frequency wireless technology

If, according to the distance divided by the transmission of wireless technology may be some common wireless networking technology is divided as follows:

Frequency wireless technology- wireless networking technology

LoRa, China LoRa application Alliance (CLAA) recommended that the 470 ~ 510MHz.

NB-IoT, global mainstream bands are 800MHz and 900MHz. China Telecom will deploy the 800MHz band as the first choice of NB-IoT, China Unicom will choose to deploy 900MHz NB-IoT, China Mobile may Chonggeng existing 900MHz band.

Sigfox, Europe, Middle East: 868MHz (ETSI 300-220), North America: 902MHz (FCC part 15), South America / Australia / New Zealand: 920MHz (ANATEL 506, AS / NZS 4268).

Weightless, as an open standard LPWAN wireless technology work in the whole of Sub-GHz unlicensed ISM / SRD band, can the global deployment: 169/433/470/780/868/915/923MHz.

ZETA, longitudinal technology development technology, can work in a number of Sub-GHz frequency band (eg: 433/470/500/787/868/915MHz etc.). In addition, ZETA can also change the configuration running proprietary band.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, in 2.4GHz, frequency bands worldwide.

NFC, reported that the Ministry will publish standards-based near field communication technology of 13.56MHz.

Z-Wave, the operating frequency in Chinese is 868.40 MHz, comply with CNAS / EN 300 220 standard.

ZigBee, Thread, ISA100.11a other norms are to be extended based on IEEE 802.15.4, IEEE 802.15.4 devices generally use 868/915/2400MHz frequencies.

In addition to the 2.4GHz, etc., wireless networking technology mostly Sub-GHz band based.