Work Modes of High-performance WIFI Module

High-performance wifi module has four work modes,including transparent mode,serial command mode,httpd client mode and gpio mode.

Transparent Mode

High-performance wifi module supports serial transparent transmission mode. It can realize plug and play of serial,which can reduce use complexity.In the mode,data is send and received transparently between serial and wifi interface.

The transparent transmission mode is fully compatible with user’s original software platform and And it is easy to realize wireless data transmission.

Serial Command Mode

In this mode, user can send serial data to different server address.Wifi module can send data to the server through UDP or TCP client.


In the mode, user can send instruction to control the six pins of high-performance wifi module, including TXD, RXD, CTS, RTS, nReady and nLink.

HTTPD Client Mode

This mode is used to request data from HTTP server or send data to server.

After user sets up the HTTP header content by webpage or AT command. Whne send data each time, high-performance wifi module will automatically encapsulate the sent data into HTTP protocol data, and send the data to assigned HTTP server. It is convenient for the user to directly submit or read data from the HTTP server.