Working Modes of USR GPRS Module

Serial GPRS module is aimed to realize data transmission between serial and GPRS network. GPRS module is based on industrial MTK chip, which has multiple working modes to fit in different applications. USR GPRS module supports network connection in max 4 channel. It is a perfect industrial serial GPRS module.

GPRS module supports network connection

Data Passthrough Mode

The basic function of data transparent mode is to forward serial data to the public network server that connects with GPRS module in a bidirectional way. It is to realize data exchange between user’s serial device and the public network server.

AT Command Mode

GPRS module can send SMS, establish network connection, and transfer data in the AT command mode.

Httpd Client Mode

In Httpd Client mode, GPRS module will connect to the WEB server set by user in the way of TCP Client mode, and send PHP order code sent by user to WEB server in the format of HTTP GET. In this way to operate WEB server data and return the results,it is convenient for PHP programmers to make embedded web application.

SMS Passthrough Mode

When GPRS module works in SMS passthrough mode, user can set a destination number for content transmission. GPRS module receives data from the serial and sends the data to destination number. Or GPRS module receives data from destination number and sends data to user’s device through serial.The mode can realize stable transmission of small data set between user’s devices. And it is generally applicable to SMS control and data alarm.