16 LAN Ports 100M Unmanaged Industrial Ethernet Switch

Model: USR-SDR160


16 LAN Ports 100M Unmanaged Industrial Ethernet Switch

General Details



Industrial Design

Excellent industrial-level - anti-thunder, anti-static which always ensure sable transmission.

Protection Class


More Functions

Wide Power Supply

Terminal power supply at DC 10-58V.
Two independent power supply circuits.

Natural heat dissipation

It adopts fanless which does not need
additional cooling equipment.


DIN-Rail Mounting

It can meet the requirements of different
application scenes


Product Details



Intelligent transportation network transmission

In the case of intelligent traffic scene, high-definition camera increases the data volume
and increases the pressure of network bandwidth. USR-SDR160 unmanaged industrial ethernet switch supports
100-megabyte rate to handle heavy traffic through smoothing.It reduce the construction cost.


Network transmission in security application

Security monitoring is often used in complex environments. It's difficult for ordinary switches
to meet the transmission requirements of real-time, integrity and fluency of video signals in high-traffic networks.
USRIOT can provide industrial-grade Ethernet switches with fast bandwidth for data acquisition,
high-definition video streaming transmission, it has good communication and stability.



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