4G Modem Hazardous Gas Detection Solution

Industry background and analysis

In some special work situations, such as working in the confined space, coal mining, emergency accident handling and maintenance in petrochemical enterprise, there are often sudden hazardous gas leakage due to leakage, volatilization and other reasons. At this moment, equipping and installing a suitable gas detector will alert you when a hazardous gas concentration has just occurred, thus avoiding a poisoning accident.


Case elaboration

1.The terminal equipment gas detector is connected to the 4G modem. If the air quality of the detected area exceeds the warning threshold, the alarm will be triggered automatically, and the 4G modem will then transmit the received data information to the cloud platform.

2.The cloud platform receives data prompts in real time, and the staff determines the pros and cons of the working environment according to the data, and timely informs the maintenance personnel to take countermeasures.

3. At the same time, the data can be displayed in the form of configuration in the cloud, providing a powerful data reference for the next step of work.


Case advantages

1. Free of wiring, the space of the maintenance site is small, and does not meet the wiring requirements

2. 4G networking transmission, fast response, convenient for staff to issue dispatch orders at any time

3. Data can be uploaded to the cloud at one click, facilitating secondary analysis of the on-site environment at the later stage

4. Industrial product, withstand outdoor harsh environmental tests


More application scenarios

 Application of Industrial 4G LTE Modem, Serial to Cellular Modem

Application product:

4G LTE Modem-USR-G781

Networking of Industrial 4G LTE Modem USR-G781