4G Modem Ring Main Unit Monitoring

Industry background and analysis

The ring main unit is to ensure the normal operation of electric energy from power generation to transmission to power distribution. If one line fails, it will affect the distribution of this electric energy.

Generally speaking, the distribution room/ring main unit is generally installed in heavy-load industrial and mining enterprises, ports, airports, urban public buildings, highways, underground facilities and residential quarters. Therefore, remote monitoring of the distribution room/ring main unit cannot be achieved by arranging the network cable. Especially in the remote suburbs, laying fiber optic networks is more difficult to achieve, what's more, the cost is extremely expensive.


Topological graph


Case elaboration

1. Real-time measurement of the working temperature and humidity of the ring main unit through the terminal temperature control sensor

2. If the temperature value is abnormal and exceeds the set threshold, the field terminal is controlled to start the dehumidification process; at the same time, the data is automatically reported to the background management center through the cloud.

3. After the staff receive the warning information and quickly arrive at the designated location for on-site maintenance.


Case advantages

1. Free of wiring, the site environment is scattered, wiring network is not suitable for the site needs

2. Save cost, the work is smarter, automatically alert when the danger occurs, suitable for unattended operation

3. Data can be uploaded to the cloud at one click, facilitating secondary analysis of the on-site environment at the later stage

4. Industrial product, withstand outdoor harsh environmental tests


More application scenarios

Application product:4G Modem USR-G785-E

4g modem- USR-G785