Smart Parking Market Solution

 Parking difficulty has always been the most concerned and worried problem in every city. With the development of science and technology, parking management system has gradually showed an intelligent way.  

Intellectualization is an efficient, fast, scientific, accurate and economical management method for parking lots. For users, the service is efficient, the process is simple and transparent, which greatly meets people's travel and parking requirements, and solves the problem of parking out of the door. According to the market demand, a smart parking solution based on 4G industrial router USR-G806 and transparent transmission cloud has been introduced by Jinan USRIOT Technology Limited.

Smart Parking Market Solution based on 4G industrial router USR-G806


Scheme effect:

Through Jinan USRIOT Technology Limited's 4G industrial router USR-G806, transparent transmission cloud platform and terminal identification and induction equipment, the parking lot can realize the remote monitoring and optimal management of parking chain. It solves the problems of number plate identification, vehicle management, parking space management, location finding and rapid payment in the operation of parking lot.

From terminal equipment to remote management system, USR-G806 breaks through the connection link and integrates the coordinated operation of the whole parking system. It not only improves the operation efficiency, but also saves a lot of manpower costs.

The scheme realizes

1. 4G industrial router USR-G806 provides networking deployment for car parks

The 4G industrial router USR-G806 provides high-speed, stable and reliable wireless network deployment for field terminal sensors and identification devices, and realizes the networking function of identification devices for terminal devices. When there are vehicles in and out, the terminal equipment will collect information such as vehicle number plate, and then transmit it to the remote control center through the network. After the information is analyzed and summarized by the control center, the control system runs and completes the closed loop of the information data link.

In the following figure, (serial port server USR-N510 can be used as wired transmission backup).

At the same time, USR-G806 provides a network connection from off-line garage to cloud. Users can query and reserve parking space remotely through mobile APP, and realize the dispatching and sharing of parking information.

Jinan USRIOT Technology Limited's USR-G806 is designed specifically for Industry and has undergone the test of harsh outdoor application environment. It supports GPRS/3G/4G network automatic switching, automatically selects the current network mode with the strongest signal, and ensures that intra-field network is not disconnected. At the same time, the VPN function provided by G806 provides a secure network channel to ensure the security of information.

1. Jinan USRIOT Technology Limited’s transparent transmission cloud system management, monitoring system operation

Jinan USRIOT Technology Limited's transparent transmission cloud has been redeveloped and can be applied to the cloud platform of the intelligent parking lot to monitor and manage the normal operation of the entire intelligent parking lot. By collecting the real-time information of the field equipment, the cloud platform completes the updating and publishing of the data such as fee collection and parking space surplus.

2. On-the-spot sensing and identification equipment completes initial collection of vehicle information.

Parking information acquisition is the beginning of the whole intelligent parking lot, through shooting, sensing, access to real-time vehicle in and out information.


Parking is just what car owners need. Fast, efficient and convenient to meet the parking needs of users is the necessary next step in the parking market "revolution". In the ascendant huge market, Jinan USRIOT Technology Limited's solution helps you develop.