Remote Monitoring System for Photo-Voltaic Power Generation Internet of Things

Industry Status:

In recent years, with the call of "Energy Saving and Emission Reduction" and "Development and Utilization of Renewable Energy" and a series of related policies and regulations, solar energy has been more and more widely used in China. With the continuous development of science and technology, solar power generation and solar power supply technology is increasingly entering the civil occasions. Solar power system is gradually replacing some traditional power supply equipment and becoming the preferred power supply system in areas with sufficient sunlight and remote areas.


Energy Saving and Emission Reduction solution


With the construction and operation of large-scale solar power plants in China, how to know the real-time operation of the power plant, how to meet the monitoring requirements of the upper system or grid dispatching system, has become an urgent problem to be solved.


System Overview:

USRIOT remote monitoring and control system of photovoltaic generating units based on Internet of Things (IOT) implements real-time monitoring and control of photovoltaic generating units in the network, which realizes remote online monitoring, tracking, status confirmation and control of photo-voltaic power stations and high-efficiency energy-saving operation. Thus, it can improve the resource utilization and productivity level of photo-voltaic power plant equipment, effectively improve the operation safety, mission reliability and reduce the life cycle cost of the system, which is conducive to preventing malignant accidents of photovoltaic power plant equipment, avoiding personal casualties and huge economic losses. 

USRIOT Generator Unit Internet of Things Remote Monitoring System is composed of industrial cellular modem, cloud platform and application system. Through industrial modem, all kinds of data collected from photo-voltaic power generation equipment are uploaded to the cloud platform for storage, sorting and analysis, and then through the application system, the equipment running status, geographical location, alarm information is displayed to the user to achieve remote intelligent management of photo-voltaic power generation equipment.


System Functions:

  • Real time grasp the location information of photo-voltaic power generation equipment and display it on the electronic map.
  • Real-time monitoring and displaying the operation status of photo-voltaic power generation equipment and collecting various operation data, including the number of solar panels, electrical current, voltage, temperature, power generating capacity and other data;
  • Management of photo-voltaic power generation equipment, including equipment type, equipment parameters, equipment location, equipment input time and other information;
  • Fault management of equipment, record fault information, and accurately push it to the relevant staff, and generate statistical reports to facilitate staff analysis and deletion;
  • Intelligent statistical analysis, which shows the cumulative generating capacity, power generation and corresponding energy-saving index etc. by pie chart, curve chart, report forms and other forms, and assists decision-making with large data analysis technology.
  • Life cycle management, according to the equipment maintenance cycle, intelligently remind customers to carry out equipment maintenance.


Application Value:

USRIOT Generator Internet of Things remote monitoring system effectively helps customers to grasp the real-time operation of the power station, greatly reducing the fault response time. The system records the real-time data to support the fault trace-ability analysis, effectively reduces the error of manual experience judgment, and improves the efficiency of operation and maintenance. It realizes life cycle management of equipment, eliminates hidden dangers in time, guarantees the steady progress of power generation, and also improves economic benefits.