Overall Solution of Industrial PLC Networking

Industry Background

Against the backdrop of industrial 4.0 and intelligent manufacture, facility manufacturers and production plants need a complete set of distance informatization system. USRIOT provides users with industrial PLC networking solution. Through leading industrial technology of network, it can connect your device to URSIOT cloud to fulfill the distance networking of multiple devices, offer stable and efficient data transfer and analyze data timely and accurately, so as to help you to step into the cloud era of industrial Internet.


Industrial PLC Networking Solution



URSIOT industrial PLC networking terminal features various networking methods, wide application scene and multiple supporting devices. Cooperated with URSIOT clout, it can provide user with integral industrial device networking and monitoring solution.



topology of Industrial PLC Networking Solution



Networking terminal USR-PLCNETA500

 URSIOT industrial PLC networking terminal uses industrial high-end hardware prevention design, and supports 9-36V wide voltage, adaptable to various industrial applications.


Industrial PLC Networking Solution USRIOT PLCNETA500


Products Features

  • Program can renew in distance
  • Upload and download through distance program, which largely reduces the after-sales cost of user
  • Abundant ports
  • Supports mainstream ports in engineering control industry, such as RS 232, RS 485, RS 422, ethernet port device networking and connection  
  • Compatable to mainstream device in engineering control industry
  • Contain a horde of device driver, compatable to mainstream PLC, HMI, transducer, servo, intelligent devices
  • Supports local network set, able to connect MES system
  • Support workshop network set, able to connect PC and on-site industrial device in the factory end, MES system and ERP system.


Products parameters 


Product Models




Internet Access Method


4G LTE & Ethernet

4G LTE &Ethernet

Serial Port Number




RJ-45 port




Ethernet PLC




Remote Upload/Download





Remote data acquisition

Remote upload/download and data acquisition

Serial / RJ-45 port remote upload/download and data acquisition


Abundant ports

URSIOT has abundant ports and contains multiple communication protocol, able to connect PLC and HMI devices of well-known brands at home and abroad. It supports distance program renewal, upload and download, and distance control and monitoring, allowing debugging personnel to renew program and monitor failure information in distance, which largely saves the cost of business trips and lowers after-sales cost for companies.


Distance control and application.

URSIOT industrial PLC networking terminal supports URSIOT cloud, provides users with abundant cloud configuration function, and facilitates users to monitor the current condition of devices dynamically on cloud in the real time.