Application of Industrial 4G LTE Modem in Intelligent Delivery System

The function of industrial 4G LTE Modem is to transmit the data of the distance device to the backstage center in a wireless way. USR-G781 can access distance devices to the network so as to operate and monitor in distance. The most common device in daily life is delivery box.


When couriers send the parcel to the designated delivery boxes, the box will produce a message and send it to the reserved phone number automatically, including the location of delivery box and the code of drawing, so that users can go to the designated points and draw their parcels by inputting the code.



Industrial 4G LTE Modem in Intelligent Delivery System,G781-4G LTE RS485 Ethernet Modem


Intelligent delivery box system is the combination of IOT and cloud computing technology. In addition to the front-end drawing system, back-end PC can monitor and process the data of delivery delivery boxes.


Compared to the traditional delivery cabinet, intelligent delivery boxes can access network through industrial 4G LTE Modem, communicate with couriers and receptors through programmer and software, and transmit the data (situation of delivery box, number of parcels, number of empty boxes, etc.) through cloud data platform, so as to provide the back stage center with data dependence to make decision.


Intelligent delivery boxes optimize the whole procedure of delivery. After couriers send the parcels to the designated place, they only need to put the parcels into different boxes in the light of their volumes rather than sending them door to door. As such, couriers don’t need to waste time if the receptors are not at home, which largely improve the efficiency of delivery.



Intelligent delivery box can spare receptors from the trouble of receiving parcels during weekdays. Intelligent delivery boxes can keep the parcels in the boxes temporarily and users can draw parcels anytime, which is deemed as an effective way to solve the “last mile” of delivery service, thus solving the problem of waiting for others.