Application Cases of Industrial 4G Router: Smarter Parking Lots management

Industrial background

Over recent years, the ever-increasing holding capacity of private cars has laid an extremely heavy burden on the management of traffic in cities, so it is a must to optimize the networking communication of parking lots management system.


Industrial situation

 It is easy for inefficient auto-gates to result in the jam at the entrance of parking lots, which might be ascribed to:

1. Complicated layout and construction, large construction work, and long circle of construction

2. Traditional networking method is largely limited by the data volume and distance

3. Low efficiency and high cost of labor maintenance


Analysis of situation

Industrial 4G router can be employed to optimize the auto-gate system of parking lot, so as to fulfill the rapid transmission of operational management data and improve the working efficiency, thus relieving the traffic congestion.



Topology of parking lots management system,  USRIOT Products

Case Explanation

1. When a vehicle is leaving, the terminal identification and sensor will collect its plate number and other information automatically, and then transmit the results to distance control center through industrial 4G router USR-G806;


2.In addition, plate number, the duration of parking, fees and other data of the vehicle will be processed by the back-stage system, transferred to the front stage through 4G industrial wireless router, and then shown on the electronic screens;


3.The owner of the vehicle can scan QR code to pay. When the auto-gate receive the order to release, the driver can drive away.


Merits shown in the case

 1.No requirement of channel and line, and quick network layout

2.Powerful 4G network signal, quick transmit and wide coverage

3.Largely cutting down the cost of construction and labor operation

4.Real-time monitoring and report, and intelligent parking management 



More applications


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