Generator Set IOT Distance Monitoring System

Industrial situation

Wind power is a modern energy resource of the best development prospect, and it is a renewable, clean green energy, standing as the most mature one among all replaceable energy resources.


Though wind power is boasting, high operational and maintenance cost of wind power set has influenced the economic profits of wind power plant. Most wind power sets are installed at the windy place such as high mountains, wilds, beaches, islands, etc., influenced by the irregular wind change in direction and loading, power impact of gust, and extreme temperature difference in hot and cold weathers, thus leading to many different problems of wind power set.

IOT distance monitoring system

System abstract

USRIOT generation set networking distance monitoring system is made up of three parts, namely, Modem, cloud platform and application system. Data of generation set can be collected through Modem and then uploaded to the cloud platform for restore, arrangement, and analysis. Then, the application system will present the device operation state, location, warning and other information to users, so as to achieve the distance intelligent management of generation set.

Generator set IOT distance monitoring system,system abstract

System function

  • Master the location of generator set and show it on the e-map in real time;
  • Monitor and show the operation state of generator set, and collect various operational data in real time;
  • Manage the generator sets, including the type, parameters, input duration and tother information;
  • Manage the faults of devices, record relevant information and then report to the staffs accurately;
  • Make intelligent calculation and analysis, show the data of device in graph or table, and then assist to make decision with big data analysis technology;
  • Make life circle management, and remind users to maintain the device intelligently according to the maintenance circle of devices;