IOT Distance Monitoring Resolution to Sewage Water Processing

Industrial Situation

As the development of economy, China sees a larger sewage water volume, which has resulted in serious pollution of surface water and worsening environment quality. Currently, the quality monitoring of the pollution sources and sewage water emission channel is still monitored by people, characterized by low time coverage, with no scientification and representative in samples, so it can hardly reflect the consecutive change of sewage water emission of companies and cities. Hence, when it comes to the sewage water processing, it is urgent and a must to provide an effective, practical and advanced sewage water monitoring and processing system and resolution.

IOT Distance Monitoring Resolution to Sewage Water Processing

Plan Abstract

USRIOT sewage water processing IOT distance monitoring resolution collects the production and operation data of local sewage water processing plants distributed around automatically and then restore, manage and process the data in real time, so that operational and management personnel can inquire the monitoring and operation data of plants and stations in distance through the client-side.

Sewage water processing IOT distance monitoring resolution

Function Introduction

Show the layout and operation of device in real time;

Handle various data of water processing device in real time and then show the results in graph or table;

Intelligently calculate and inquire the historical data of devices and then produce the statistic and analysis statements of sewage water processing.

Report the device failure information to the maintenance personnel through message, WeChat, email and other methods, so that they can find and solve the fault in time. With the device maintenance and guarantee plan, intelligently remind users to make maintenance in time.


The authorization management of user has been segmented to every account and every user.


Value of Application


USRIOT sewage water processing IOT networking distance monitoring resolution can monitor major links of inflow, production and emission, gather and integrate the water quantity, water level, water quality and other information about device through IOT, and analyze and process production data in three major links, so as to make real-time control and refine the management of the whole sewage water processing process, thus further regulating the company management, lowering energy consumption and improving the production efficiency.