10 IOT Application Cases of LoRa Module in Smart City

 As the IOT technology is ever-precise and the urbanized service function keeps upgrading, there are many important social activities which are changed be digitized and connected to Internet, which process is speeding up. LoRa technology, 5G cellular connection and LiFi will advance the global digital revolution in real terms. Recently, Australia and New Zealand are employing LoRa to upgrade their national communication network. The paper is going to illustrate the typical application cases of smart city.


1.Traffic light management

Sensors with LoRa module can detect the irregular work or shortcut of traffic lights in time. In addition, when the traffic light stations need to be changed or maintained, LoRa can send real-time message to the administration departments.


2. Autonomous vehicles

LoRa technology will pave the path for the autonomous vehicle in smart city in the ensuing 5 years. These vehicles can drive automatically and fulfill distance control. LoRa sensors will also help to equip these autonomous vehicles with anti-theft function.


3.Intelligent water meter

Due to the fault of infrastructure, 10%-15% of water has been wasted in many cities. Sensors or devices with LoRa module can solve the problem through checking leakage or overflow and then send a message to the manage personnel to repair. Sensors of such intelligent water meter and leakage checking device used to need low data transmission speed in long distance, which problem can be solved by LoRa.


4.Public illumination

LED bubbles can be used for intelligent public illumination to reduce energy waste, cut down the emission of greenhouse gas, and shrink the expenditure of government. LoRa technology can be employed to manage the intelligent public illumination network, through checking devices regularly and informing the management personnel when the bubbles need to be changed.


5. Urban UAV

UAV equipped with LoRa module can capture high-resolution photo, applicable to precise agriculture, law enforcement system and even fire prevention.


6. Intelligent parking

As much as 40% of traffic congestion is led by drivers when they are looking for parking lots. Low-power LoRa sensor covering large area can solve the problem to a large extent through making the best use of parking lot and spare areas. Application developers can also provide new mobile application program to inform the users of the parking places available nearby.


7.Energy resources and pollution measurement

Local pollution index can be issued to relevant departments through sensors. These devices can follow up the overall consumption and waste of energy resources near the power plants and heavy industrial plants.


8. Rubbish bin management

It is unnecessary to spend a lot of time and efforts in clearing unfilled rubbish bins. As for the proper waste management, most cities don’t have detailed digitalized structure, which can be solved by LoRa. Intelligent “filling sensor” can be installed in the public rubbish bin to measure when the rubbish bins have been filled or need to be emptied. More importantly, these sensors can also collect the data of types of litter.


9.Construction and preventative maintenance

Ancient historical remains and cultural relics are being protected all over the world, as bridge breakdown and building damage are also common. Special intelligent device with LoRa module can provide preventative protection resolution through monitoring the vibration of architecture, bridge monument and other key parameters. When there is damage detected, it will inform relevant department at once.


10. Intelligent delivery and inventory management

Sensors with LoRa can improve the efficiency of warehouse management system. Sensors can send data of vehicle location and inventory situation regularly. More importantly, these ultra-distance information transmission sensors can inform operators when there is a need for repair and make other maintenance on the delivery vehicles.