Industrial 4G Modem-Safeguard Intelligent Power

Industrial background

Contemporary society sees an ever-increasing demand for power, which has raised a higher requirement for power grid transmission. It is one of the major tasks of power enterprises to know the data of power grid in time and transmit the data in real time, and to gather and analyze relevant information.


Industrial situation

Traditional power distribution network depends on a huge human effort to check and maintain, which consumes time and efforts, with low working efficiency and real-time instantaneity.

As such, it requires a better monitoring approach which should be more intelligent, accurate and real-time to solve the problem, thus monitoring and managing the working states of power transmission lines online around the clock.


Situation analysis

Hereby, it can ensure the unmanned project to transmit data of power distribution grid rapidly under tough environment with the stable network communication offered by anti-interfere industrial wireless transmission terminal 4G Modern USR-G785.

The case can realize transparent transmission of industrial 4G modem data as well as specialized power protocol. Through simple AT command, it can set to fulfill the two-way transmission between serial and network server.

 transparent transmission of industrial 4G modem data

Case Explanation

1. Power transmission and transformation devices will detect the temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, electric leakage, icing and other data information through multiple sensors, and then upload the information to the online monitoring center of power transmission line through industrial 4G modem USR-G781.

 2.Monitoring center with joint screen can show the dynamic data in real time to facilitate operators to understand the operation of device in real time;

 3. Monitoring platform can analyze the data uploaded through power transmission line to position the fault rapidly and provide warning resolution, so as to take security measure in real time, thus lowering the possibility of accident.


Advantage of the case

 1.Support all network system, with flexible port and abundant networking;

 2.Support standard RS485/232 serial, facilitate the gathering of power distribution grid and large-scale module;

 3.Support the transparent transmission of data, embedded with standard 101-104 power specialized protocol;

 4.Industrial design, able to work in unfavorable environment from -40℃ to 85℃.

 5.Effectively lower the cost of deployment and solve the difficulty in line layout and construction;

 6.Have good real time instantaneity, with no need for special personnel on duty. Data can transmit rapidly through 4G network.


More applications

 more application of 4G modem