LoRa Application Case: Point-to-Point Intelligent Street Lamp Control in the Community

As one of the public infrastructures in urban areas, the street lamp has undergone a series of change from labor control to automatic control. Currently, intelligent street lamp control is emerging.


The traditional street lamp is confronted with the situation that:

It only has simple function of on-off with single form.

It has to burden high 4G expenditure in the long run.

It depends on human to check, with low real-time instantaneity and stability.

It sees a shortage in energy consumption monitoring and quantitative analysis.

LoRa Application Case

USRIOT will show you the networking transmission application case of LoRa point-to-point intelligent street lamp control in the community characterized by easy deployment + wide connection + low power consumption + broad coverage + low cost, which can provide more choice to environmental monitoring. 

Street Lamp monitoring control,LoRa point-to-point intelligent street lamp control

Case Explanation

The application is mainly composed of LoRa point-to-point module

1.LoRa module will be built in the lamp in the light of users’ requirement

 2.Modules can send or receive command rapidly through point-to-point transparent transmission model to realize simultaneous on-off, light adjustment, data report, etc.


Advantage of the case

1.Free of line deployment, easy deployment and short project duration in LoRa communication project

2.Low power consumption to reduce the frequency to change battery

3.Wide coverage and distance transmission to fulfill the sending and receiving in 3500 meters, fully adaptable to the application of requirement

4.With no need to use with gateway in set to save more cost

more applications of  LoRa communication project


Application products


LoRa point-to-point module WH-L101-L-P

LoRa point-to-point module-WH-L101-L-P

Small size packaging to use on plug


With no transmission protocol to contact serial devices, sending and receiving data rapidly


LoRa gateway USR-L220

LoRa point-to-point data transmission terminal- USR-L220

Support point-to-point communication protocol+fixed point sending

With no transmission protocol to contact serial devices, sending and receiving data rapidly


In the case, LoRa point-to-point module/data transmission terminal can monitor the process of data sending and receiving through transparent transmission/AT command/positioning mode.