Solutions & Applications of USRIOT Products


What is the most efficient method to handle a city of vending machines.

The vending machines are in every corner of the city. If you want to monitor every machines 

data and make the delivery on time, you need a IoT system to handle it. The USR devices will 

update real-time data to the data center. Managers are easy to schedule the trucks with this 


retail, Solutions & Applications of USRIOT Products

Building management system: 

How can administrator get red alert in 5 seconds?

In modern times, buildings are bigger and bigger, the administrator is impossible to monitor a 

whole big building. We have to turn to IoT devices to monitor and manage our building system. 

Power corporations and fire stations can get real-time data from every home. If there was an 

emergency, related staffs can response at once. 

building management system, Solutions & Applications of USRIOT Products

Smart factory: 

Automation and IoT make everything high efficiency.

With the automation and IoT system, we can easily get the data from product lines, CNC 

machines and PLCs. The field engineer can analyze the data by control panel. ERP system 

and control system can optimize the process of production by big data. It reduces the cost 

and improve the efficiency in smart factory. 

 smart factory, Solutions & Applications of USRIOT Products

Smart city & transportation: 

The smart city makes the transportation easier.

You can get all kinds of information on your mobile. The infrastructure can send their 

status and data to the cloud. The people can find the nearest parking lot easily by

their mobile and get route to the parking lot. The information from IoT save time and 

energy for the society

smart city, Solutions & Applications of USRIOT Products