Application of Wireless LoRa Module in the Fire Alarming Industry

People are confronted with many risks of safety in production and life. In particular, fire accidents would lead a huge personal injury and financial loss to the public.

The risk of fire accidents is reminding us that we shall never neglect fire prevention. However, traditional fire prevent system still has some shortages. 

Application of LoRa Wireless Module in the Fire Alarming Industry


Industrial Situation and Analysis

At present, traditional independent smoke alarms on the market usually have problems as below:

1.With limited functions, most products can only fulfill the same function as audible and visual alarm

2.Single application situation makes them to highly depend on the personnel on duty

3.Inferior ability to cope with emergency prevent them from informing the relevant personnel to avoid the risk in time.


As for the problem in the reality, LoRa wireless transmission model WH-L100-L is taken as an example to explain how to access network and report the information gained from smoke alarm through LoRa module to monitor the fire accidents in distance.

Topological Graph

Topological Graph


Case Explanation

 1.Wireless loRa module WH-L100-L will be embedded with independent smoke alarm to work together with LoRa concentrator USR-LG280 networking

 2.Smoke alarm will alarm after inducting fire, and then data will be transmitted to server through WH-L100-L, concentrator LG 280 and cloud. usr. cn to alarm management personnel.

Fire Monitoring Screen


Advantage of the Case

1.Wireless transmission makes it convenient and saves costs

2.To alarm through message or WeChat

3.Integration with smoke alarm and common port make it to be more user-friendly

4.Its power dissipation is as low as 4μA, with strong permeation to alarm instantaneously


Application Product

Image of WH-L100

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