Greenhouse Monitoring System


As science and technology have come to be applied in agriculture, organic greenhouse has taken the place of original environment for agricultural products to grow, and it can control the temperature and humidity that agricultural products need to growth so as to improve the quality and quantity of production. USRIOT temperature and humidity sensor has been widely used in agricultural greenhouse of various types. We connect serial to WiFi Converter with all wireless humidity and temperature sensors to build a wifi-based greenhouse monitoring system.

 Greenhouse Monitoring System


System design

The whole system includes wireless sensor network, PLC control system and wireless network system. As for the wireless sensors, we use humidity and temperature sensor, oxygen content monitoring sensor, soil monitoring sensor, etc. in terms of PLC control, we need to adjust the irrigating system, lightening system and airing system at will. In addition, these monitorable data and debugging devices are connected to USRIOT wireless serial to ethernet converter through wireless or serial devices and then further connected to computer and server through USRIOT serial to ethernet server, so as to control the whole system. Moreover, such way can also avoid the complicated wiring and lower the difficulty in construction.


Function of the system

1.To monitor the temperature, humidity, water content in the soil, oxygen content, etc. in the greenhouse, to save human effort and to strengthen management

2.To adjust the airing, irrigating, lightening, etc. in the greenhouse through monitoring, so as to bring a proper growth environment for the agricultural products.

3.To make vocal alarm when monitoring to find abnormal data.


Product introduction

All kinds of wireless sensors can be employed in the greenhouse as along as they can show the data. As for the selection of wireless serial to ethernet converter, it is suggested to use USR-WIFI232-630 which is the most stable wireless serial to wifi converter. When the greenhouse is humid and hot with an environment of acid, poor network and strong interface, USR-WIFI232-630 can work well given its good protection measure. USR-WIFI232-630 is a dual-serial (one RS232 and one RS 485 serial) dual-port wireless serial to ethernet converter, so it can fully adapt to the greenhouse environment. As for the protection measure, 485 serial has been equipped with over-current protection, thunder-proof protection and anti-static protection, and its power can prevent transposition, static and surge. In addition, it can support Httpd Client, Websocket, DNS/DHCP, simultaneous baud rate, etc. after installment, it can reduce human effort and increase the effect of control, so as to provide the growth of agricultural products with a better environment.



At present, environment conditions in most greenhouses are set through simple tools by workers, and they control the temperature device depending on their experience, which is not only inefficient but also sees a poor result in control. However, through greenhouse control system of this kind, the whole greenhouse can be upgraded to promote the productivity of the agricultural products, which is of great benefit to the development of intelligent agriculture.