Network IO Controller - How does a mobile phone control all switches of a hotel?

Industry background

With the development of IOT technology, hotel services have become more "intelligent" - intimate services such as automatic lighting effect, indoor temperature and humidity control, and various humanized operations, which bring customers a sense of at home.
At the same time, smart hotel provides more efficient management means for managers, which minimizes Hotel material consumption, energy consumption and personnel costs, thus creating more benefits.

Industry status

Nowadays, some hotels are still using traditional switches. These mechanical wall switches often have the following problems:
1. Single function, only realize simple on/off operation.
2. Building wiring is tedious and inconvenient
3. Failure to centralize control for equipment
4. Greater power consumption, resulting in waste of energy
Here, network IO controller is used to control the switch of hotel facilities intelligently, accelerate the construction of hotel information, improve the level of intelligent management, and help hotel operators to save more costs.

Topological graph

Topological graph of io controller

Case description

  1.After the network IO controller is powered on, it accesses the equipments that needs to be monitored through input interface, output interface and RS485 cascade model, such as air conditioner, TV, computer, access badges, light, refrigerator, etc.

  2.Network IO controller can realize remote control directly with the help of transmission cloud, realize light control operation through PC terminal or Wechat mini program, and can also directly execute related operation through local switch. With the combining of the two ways, it facilitate all day and multi-directional monitoring of field equipment

Case advantage

  1.Control diversification: Local control and remote control are optional

  2.Cost reduction: Remote control switch, reduce equipment energy consumption, save operation and maintenance costs

  3.Easy to use: The transformation scheme is flexible, easy to install, easy operation and practical in function.

  4.Good applicability: Cater to the demands of intelligent control of young consumers, more accords with current consumption habits

More application scenarios

More application scenarios of io controller