Serial device server-industrial weighing solution

 Industrial background

Weighing management of industrial production lines has always been one of the important tasks in industrial scenes. Especially in the case of unattended operation, how to do a good job of  weighing data’s fast transmission, effective management and prevention of cheating has long been discussed by the industry.


Industry status and analysis

Traditional weighing scenes rely on manual recording, and at the later stage, use RS232/485 bus mode for data transmission. With the development of industrial automation, a single approach has been unable to continue to meet industrial weighing needs, mainly reflected in:

1. Manual recording is low in intelligence, error-prone, and high in labor costs.

2. The bus mode is suitable for small-scale applications. When dealing with large industrial networks, there are shortcomings such as poor networking performance, cumbersome wiring, low transmission rate, poor compatibility, and short communication distance.

The case here focuses on how to use the serial device server to quickly convert RS232/485 serial port data into network port data, so as to quickly realize intelligent management of industrial weighing data.


Topological graph

topology of industrial weighing system

Case description

1.Weighing sensor, industrial control upper machine, etc. are equipped in the weighing scene.

2.RS232/485 serial port can communicate with the field device, connect the weighing sensor to the industrial personal computer through serial to ethernet converter USR-N540, connect to the local area network

3.Serial to ethernet converter USR-N540 supports the conversion of Modbus RTU to TCP/IP protocol. Here, the control room can be used as a TCP client, and the USR-N540 is used as a TCP server. The two establish a TCP connection so as to complete the fast transmission of data from the serial port to the network.


Case advantages

1. Rich communication interface: It not only has RS232/485 serial port, but also has Ethernet port, making it for the weighing sensor to connect to the industrial Ethernet

2.TCP/IP protocol self-organizing network, quickly complete data transmission, signal stability, and free of interference

3.TCP protocol underlying data packet - KeepAlive can automatically detect dead links and achieve automatic re-connection


More application scenarios

Medical health, automation, safety monitoring, energy harvesting

application of serial to ethernet converter