Network IO controller geological water monitoring solution

The introduction of the solution

The water quality conditions in China are quite serious. The total amount of pollutants discharge in China is very large, and the pollution level is still at a fairly high level.

For the characteristics of water quality monitoring, for example, pollution points are scattered, water quality data needs to be frequently transmitted, traced and posted back, USRIOT proposes a water quality monitoring wireless networking solution based on the remote IO network controller, which automatically collects water monitoring data, uploading the various data to the backstage management system to respond quickly and make corresponding decisions.

 Network IO controller geological water monitoring solution

The challenges you may encounter and our advantages:

The industry standard communication protocol supported by traditional devices is relatively simple, and it is difficult to effectively access third-party software; during the process of water quality monitoring, pollution points are scattered, water quality data needs to be frequently transmitted, traced and posted back, ordinary devices have a single function and cannot meet diverse needs; networking is weak, and remote control is difficult to be realized quickly.


Our advantages:

  • Support Modbus TCP/RTU protocol transmission, post back quickly after receiving data
  • Support Ethernet and WIFI connection to meet the needs of different users.
  • Support LAN control and embedded web-page function.
  • 8-way/4-way interface, different networking versions, freely select according to the number of devices.


More application industries:

Intelligent light control

Improve management efficiency

Record device status in real time

Industrial automation

Realize production line monitoring

Meet the needs of personalized scenes


Realize large throughput real-time control

Improve the superiority and economy of PLC

Intelligent hotels

Diversified networking methods

Freely control the hotel’s equipment


USRIOT Network IO controller provides functions such as switching value input acquisition, relay output, pulse counting, etc. It is a device to realize remote acquisition and control in industrial projects. USRIOT network IO controller has RS485 serial ports for easy access to terminal equipment; it has 8-way/4-way of different models, supports different networking modes such as GPRS, WiFi, Ethernet, etc.; it is suitable for intelligent light control, industrial automation, intelligent hotels, autonomous terminals, distribution boxes and other application areas.

USRIOT Network IO Controller