Industrial 4G router vending machine solution

The introduction of the solution

With IOT and the era of big data coming, and the rise of artificial intelligence, intelligent devices have surrounded every aspect of people's basic necessities of life.

The self-service vending machine solution based on USR-G806 provided by USRIOT is the core hub for online consumption and offline experience, with customized operation mode and big data collection and analysis being added, traditional retailers can easily realize their role conversion.

 Industrial 4G router vending machine solution

Difficulties that you may encounter

It is impossible to monitor the working status of the vending machine terminal in real time, unable to respond quickly to the scene situation; the dynamic information of the terminal equipment product change cannot be recorded in real time, and the efficiency of data collection and management is low; device networking is not effective and the number of interface devices it supports is limited.


Our advantages

  • Free of wiring, help users quickly achieve high-speed networking of outdoor equipment.
  • Dock with the cloud server to manage data in a unified manner.
  • Remote control, reduce the number of guards, labor and management costs.


More application industries

Medical industry

Read doctor and patient information at any time to improve work efficiency

Automated management of surgical procedures, save administrative costs and time

Traffic industry

Monitor real-time traffic conditions

Improve the efficiency of highway toll stations

Power industry

Grasp real-time power grid information, monitor electricity safety

Optimize power resource allocation and improve economic efficiency of power grid operation

Vending machine

Mobile payment is more convenient

Real-time cargo list and sales records