Intelligent Door Lock Solution

Driven by the tide of intelligence, intelligent door locks based on network and Bluetooth, fingerprint door locks based on fingerprint recognition, and even door locks with face  recognition and iris recognition have become popular choices for consumers.


USRIOT industrial gateway USR-IO808 intelligent door lock solution supports WIFI, Bluetooth, LoRa, 433MHz wireless transparent transmission, it is convenient for users to accept and query entry and exit information of the family at any time, having strong rationality.

 IO808, Intelligent door locks solution

The problems you may encounter and our advantages

The existing intelligent door lock has a single function and is not rich in networking; the price is very high, it is difficult to cover a large number of users with needs; The problem of biological fraud cannot be effectively eliminated, and there are certain security risks; The linkage f usage scenario is insufficient, and the interoperability with other devices is poor.

  • Support WiFi, Bluetooth, LoRa, 433MHz wireless transparent transmission functions
  • High-speed networking, alarm information is posted in real-time via mobile phone
  • Easy to use, simple installation and maintenance process, and effectively reduce costs
  • Connect to the server, remote control can be achieved by using the APP


USRIOT's network IO controller can connect to devices that needs to be monitored by input interface, output interface and RS485 cascading connection. Then can choose local connection or USR Cloud remote monitoring, convert network data to serial data by VCOM software and transmit to configuration software to realize remote monitoring and control. Commonly be used in unmanned machine room, integrated management of hotel facilities, self-service supermarket, etc.

 application of network io controller


More application industries

Intelligent meter reading

Reduce labor costs, long-distance wireless data collection

Intelligent home

One-click enjoyment,more convenience, rapidly achieve remote control

Mall data collection

Construct a CRM system, analyze data quickly

Post advertisement messages, enrich usage scenarios

Intelligent traffic

Connect multiple signal lights in real time

Actively query on-site traffic conditions