Industrial 4G router, makes self-service car wash more intelligent

Industry background

Nowadays, self-service car wash is become more and more popular in daily life. But with the continuous development of self-service car wash industry, maintenance inconvenience, cost increase such reasons which become a difficult problem for operators, mainly in the following aspects:

1.Outdoor large-scale wiring or Wi-Fi networking is inconvenient,

2. Manned patrol: low maintenance efficiency and high cost

3.Lags of the running data, caused passive work

In view of the problems encountered in reality, taking 4G industrial router as an example, this article describes how to help the self-service car wash machine to connect to the network quickly, so as to realize the intelligent scene of unmanned operation.


Topological graph

4g router topological graph


Application Introduction

Reform the self-service car wash control system, linked the industrial 4G router.

After users scan to pay the charge, the charging data and working hours information will transmit to the operator’s server background through 4G wireless network in time.

Server background can send working instruction according to the received data, and then users can use the self-service car washing equipment to wash their car normally.


Advantages of Application

Connect to the internet wireless: avoid of complicated wiring, easy to set

Optimized payment: Attract customers

Save manned cost: 24-hour unattended, save cost

Dynamic monitoring: receive and send data fast, acquire the working information in time.


More application scenarios of industrial 4g router

More application scenarios of industrial 4g router